Valentine’s Day is a day inspired by love (and greeting cards… let’s be real, it’s only a holiday because of the greeting card companies… but that’s a whole other topic in itself). Though, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the teddy bears and chocolates, or on the other hand, even feel a bit left out and lonely. Either way, in the process, we seem to forget about our own self-love and appreciation. That being said, I decided to share the list of things that I like to do on days where my self-esteem and self-worth need to be tended to.

And, let me make this clear, this is a post for anybody and everybody. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, you deserve to dedicate time for fully loving, pampering, and simply taking care of yourself, no matter what day of the year it is.

Get dressed up.

If you don’t enjoy getting dolled up, then you may want to skip this suggestion. Though, if you do like having an excuse to get dressed up, stop waiting around– just do it for yourself! Making yourself “look good” (whatever that means to you), can sometimes be just the thing you need to make yourself feel good. That in itself is reason enough to throw on your favorite outfit… even if you’re just staying in for the night.

Have a photoshoot with yourself.

Following suit with the previous item on this list, flaunt your favorite outfit and take photos of yourself!

The day that this photo was taken, I was not in the best headspace. So, in turn, I decided to act like a model and have a mini photoshoot with myself– purely just for me and just for fun! Taking the pressure off of the situation and not having the goal of posting anything online will ultimately help to make it more enjoyable. Take fun, flirty photos for YOU and practice being your OWN biggest fan!

Buy yourself flowers.

Years ago, I distinctly remember driving in the car with one of my best friends and her mom, and stopping at our local grocery store. Her mom got out, ran inside, and came back out with a bouquet of flowers. I asked her who they were for and she simply replied, “myself!” She then proceeded to tell me that she always buys herself flowers, because she likes having them in her kitchen.

Even though this was years ago (and I’m not even sure if she still does this), this little act of self-kindness has always stuck with me. Now that I’m older and have come to appreciate acts of self-love even more, I encourage everyone to treat themselves to things stereotypically seen as “meant for couples.” Defy the norms! You don’t need a significant other to buy you flowers.

Bake something sweet.

I love baking, so making cookies or other chocolatey treats has almost become my coping mechanism for whenever I’m feeling a bit sad. For me, it’s stress relieving, as it allows me to temporarily drift away from my anxieties and solely focus on mixing and measuring.

Though, if you’re not one to make things from scratch, buy your favorite store-bought goodies instead! Treat yourself to whatever makes you happiest (guilt free, might I add), and it’ll give you something to look forward to.

Write yourself love notes.

I absolutely adore this idea, but I don’t do it enough!

Write yourself sweet, pick-me-up notes, and stick them around your house– on any and all of your mirrors, under your pillow, or even tucked away in the fridge! These positive affirmations will help to keep you in a self-love mindset, and will remind you of how much you are loved, even when you least expect it.

Make note of everything you love about yourself.

Write up a brag list, if you will. This may feel a bit challenging at first, but taking the time to actually think about what you love about yourself will help to further reinforce those feelings. It is extremely refreshing to acknowledge all of the good that you do and how much you bring to this world.

Call your best gal pals.

Or any of your best friends, for that matter! Talking to and spending time with those who support you is one of the best ways to reinstate that sense of self-worth and love. It’s crucial to be able to recognize your self-worth on your own, but surrounding yourself with people who truly love you can help to make it that much easier.