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About HappilyRose

Hello friends, welcome to my blog!

My name is Abby and I am 21 year old college student, in love with all things wellness and self-care.

As much as it may seem like I have my life together by the advice I give in my posts, that’s just not the reality. Like most people, I have my own daily struggles that I am constantly working to overcome. To be quite honest, it’s taken a lot for me to grow into the strong, independent person that I am today.

Almost two years ago now, my mother passed away the day I moved back home for summer break. 

The utter unexpectedness of this world-crumbling event sparked a motivation in me to finally take a leap of faith and chase after my dreams. Not only that, but I was also pushed to make some much needed changes in my life (as I mentioned in my first introductory blog post). Her passing made me realize that tomorrow is never guaranteed. So, if I wanted to make something happen, there was no better time to start than now.

The more I reflected upon my own life, the more I was able to recognize how both mental and physical well-being have become such major points of focus for me. Having gone through many personal hardships, I was also able to see just how important positivity, support, and self-care can be when creating a strong mindset. Almost overnight, I had made it a priority to obtain (and maintain) a healthy mind and body.

So, I began working on bettering myself by going to therapy and learning how to actually ask for help. I went about getting into a sustainable exercise routine and paid more attention to the foods I was fueling my body with as well. 

Now, here I am more than a year later, still healing and learning how to cope with constant lifestyle changes, while also feeling stronger than ever. 

That, my friends, is why I decided to create HappilyRose. I wanted to make a space for others to work on their own personal growth alongside me. By sharing my own stories, coping mechanisms, and even fun & healthy recipes, I hope to give people something to connect with.

Going through pain, suffering, or any other major changes in life is never easy if it’s done alone. So, let’s all be in this together, in this HappilyRose community!

Hey look! It’s me! (I got to see AND walk across the breathtakingly beautiful Golden Gate Bridge– how neat?)

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