With 2020 undoubtedly being one of the most challenging years in our lives thus far, we need to be gentle with ourselves as we begin this new year.

For starters, find pride in yourself for making it this far, no matter the journey you took. That in itself is a major accomplishment.

Secondly, instead of focusing on surface-level resolutions this year– like losing weight or gaining x amount of followers– let’s focus on our mental health. Let’s recognize that our lives are more than the numbers that seem to define us.

Setting a new year’s resolution can be a self-sabotaging game, especially if we choose goals that aren’t catered to our own true needs.

So, if you need some inspiration for what to “work on” this year, I’ve listed a few goals that are likely to be sustainable within anyone’s life. My aim is for these to not only serve our mental health journeys, but also to help us prioritize ourselves.

1. Become more comfortable saying “no.” (And, don’t feel guilty about it.)

2. Give yourself space to heal and grow.

3. Compliment yourself daily.

4. Prioritize your sleep.

5. Fuel your body with foods you genuinely enjoy.

6. Unfollow social media accounts that make you feel less worthy, or that you constantly compare yourself to.

7. Remove yourself from relationships or situations that don’t serve you well.

8. Make time for yourself each and every day.

9. Stop apologizing for things you are not responsible for.

10. Surround yourself with those who love and support you.

11. Acknowledge your strengths.

12. Allow yourself to confide in loved ones during difficult times.

13. Do more things out of “want,” rather than obligation.

14. Set boundaries in your relationships.

15. Check in with your emotions often, and allow yourself to feel them.