When my boyfriend and I decided to go out to breakfast after a night filled with greasy pizza, an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and other nighttime festivities, my stomach couldn’t stop churning. Like most URI students, I can attest that the “Sunday scaries” are real.

More times than not when I go out to breakfast, my options are slightly limited as a vegetarian. Typically, I can choose between the sugary-goodness of stacked French toast or plate-sized chocolate chip pancakes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely die for either of those dishes. However, following a junk food-filled weekend, I craved a little bit of a change. I am by no means a strictly clean eater, but I am a strong believer in eating your colors.

So, when we settled on visiting T’s Restaurant in Narragansett, Rhode Island for breakfast, I knew I was in for a treat.

T’s is by far one of the best locations for any URI student’s brunch excursions. With it being a common crowd favorite, weekends can get a little busy, but customers are never faced with more than a 15 minute wait. Even with the boisterous chatter and bustling tables that Sunday morning, my boyfriend and I were still able to enjoy some privacy in our cozy corner booth.

When it comes to the food at T’s, their menu offers a decently wide variety of breakfast options. Though, once I spotted their “Lite Living” section, I immediately knew I had to try something from there. 

For starters, I decided to try out the French Vanilla iced coffee (purely for the caffeine, so I could be more alert to enjoy the main dish). When it arrived shortly after placing the order, I dressed it up myself with creamer and sugar packets found conveniently on the table.  

I am no barista, but nonetheless, every sip of my coffee was sweet and refreshing– giving me small bursts of energy the faster it was consumed. 

On top of the drink, I decided to go with the Power Wrap for my main meal. Not only was the service incredibly fast even with it being a crowded Sunday, but the food did not let my tastebuds down. 

This Power Wrap consisted of fluffy egg whites, gooey feta cheese, seasoned cooked spinach, and juicy tomatoes all snuggled together in a grilled herb wrap. To no surprise, it was absolutely delectable. What caught me most off guard was the tasty mixture of the feta and tomato juice swirling together to create a runny, sauce-like substance; it truly gave the wrap so much more flavor than expected. Even the side of cut-up fruit made my mouth water. Everything was perfectly ripe, with just the right amount of sweetness. 

My boyfriend shared the same feelings towards his meal as well, which was made up of two over-easy eggs, crunchy Texas sourdough toast, two crispy bacon slices, and lightly seasoned, mushy home fries. Though, in all honesty, both of us were too invested in our dishes to even hold a real conversation. After we had devoured most everything in front of us, I got to take my drink home in a to-go cup, so I could continue to enjoy it throughout the afternoon.  

Overall, T’s did not disappoint. In my opinion, the entire experience earned itself a solid 5/5. The staff was bubbly, the Sunday environment was light and airy, and the food was beyond satisfactory. Plus, between the two of us with our drinks, sides, and full plates of food, the total cost was just under $30. Although this seems a bit daunting for the average student’s wallet, the quality of the food and service was well worth the extra few bucks. 

Besides, college is hard work! You deserve to treat yourself, guilt-free.