I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Little did I know, it doesn’t have to be your actual, fancy career title in order for you to be one. I’ve been one my entire life.

I’ve also always wanted to have a blog of my own. Now, this I genuinely tried to do, again and again… and again. I have gone through many different wildly amateur usernames, blog posts, and the likes, before deleting the accounts entirely- either out of embarrassment or just pure frustration with myself.

It wasn’t until recently that I began looking into what it actually takes to make a successful blog. Funnily enough, everything that I read said the exact same thing- you just have to start. There is no wrong way to construct a blog. The only thing that you can do “wrong” is to not start the blog at all.

Going off of this, there is absolutely no such thing as a perfect first blog; it is completely a trial and error process. As most can probably tell, I am fresh out the doors in this trial and error phase. I struggled for so long trying to come up with the perfect blog name and the theme that fit just right with my niche. However, I eventually just had to stop giving a shit. And, quite frankly, it feels incredible knowing that I’ve now got at least something in the works. (Even if it is just a silly introduction post.) 

Now, I suppose the reason that I finally started this blog at this point in my life was not entirely because of every advice column telling me to “just do it.” Rather, it was a recent event that has, without a doubt, opened my eyes to… reality. Plain and simple.

My mother passed away super unexpectedly about three months ago, marking this summer as the most devastating time of my life thus far.

However, I am not here for pity likes; this is not at all the point of my post.

I am writing this in hopes of sharing my realization that life is way, way too short to not just START whatever it is that you’ve been holding off on.

My mother’s passing was the push that really got me thinking about what I want to accomplish in this lifetime.

(This blog just so happened to be one of those things.)

So, here I am now, with this journal/lifestyle blog-hybrid type of thing that I am attempting to get out clearly in my writing.

As of right now, I can tell you that this site is going to be a healing space, as well as a space for growth. Whether I’m writing about coping mechanisms or sharing a newly-found healthy recipe, my hope is that I’ll be able to help others through this blog. I want people to know they aren’t alone in their struggles and to find this space as a guide to self-love.

So, there you have it. I am so unbelievably relieved that my very first blog post is coming to an end, no matter how misshapen it turned out to be. Yet, I am also simply stoked for the more posts yet to come.

Thanks for reading :’)